Friday, July 22, 2011

It's all about the story

Written by Kate Bullen, APD

I have been making a batch of soup most weeks over the winter months. Great way to get extra vegetables into everyone and they offer such a nice warmth on these cold, wet days.  My 4yo has never really taken to soups. No idea why. Anyway, as I was reading my latest issue of Delicious magazine there was an article about fairytales offering inspiration to junior cooks. I loved it – they had a soup called “Cinderella pumpkin-carriage soup” and I thought this might be just what I needed to encourage my daughter to try some of the pumpkin soup that I had made. So I showed my daughter the soup in the magazine, reminded her about Cinderella and the pumpkin. Actually who am I kidding – my daughter told me the story word for word – she loves the princess stories. And that was it – she has now been asking for “Cinderella pumpkin-carriage soup” most days...

The moral of the story? If you have been trying to encourage your children to eat something – it might be worth relating it to one of their favourite characters or stories.  A few other suggestions from Delicious magazine are:
·         Little Red Riding Hood big bad wolf burger
·         Three little pigs ham and cheese toastie (add some avocado, tomato and grated carrot to beef up the vegies)
·         Jack and the Beanstalk magic bean stew
·         Goldilocks and the three bears porridge (I am so not going to recommend the recipe in the magazine as it has 300ml of cream! But of course you can make up porridge with milk or water)

My daughter has also taken a renewed liking to eating whole apples as Sportacus on Lazy Town does with his ‘sports candy’(ABC TV show... gotta love that name for a kids show).

I would love to know if you have any success stories on getting your kids to eat healthy food!


Anonymous said...

My son is obsessed with fireman so any claim that this is what fireman eat usually get my 3 year old to eat plenty of veggies. But I still have a lot of trouble getting him to eat meat.....any suggestions?

Kate Bullen APD said...

Hi Kylie - the fireman obsession is great! Now of course firemen (and women!) need meat to help them be strong when they are fighting fires.. but if that story doesnt work then minced meat is brilliant. From spaghetti bolognese, to meatballs, burgers, lasagne, pasta bake - all these dishes can use mince. Mince is usually most successful with kids because it isnt as dry and stringy as other meat. Another good option is lamb cutlets as they tend to be juicy and quite fun to eat as a finger food. Let me know if any of these help.
cheers, Kate.

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