Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Written by Kate Bullen, APD

A couple of weeks ago at my daughters school, each child was asked to bring in a fruit that they chose and that they hadn’t eaten before. My daughter chose a pomegranate.  I haven’t eaten a pomegranate in years. Many years! So after sending my daughter off to school with her $4 pomegranate we bought 2 pomegranates for $4 on the weekend. Bargain!!
We all shared half a pomegranate as an afternoon snack – which kept my 4yo daughter occupied for a good 40 minutes!

So, from a nutritional perspective, what is in a pomegranate?  They are a great source of vitamin C and fibre, and contain some iron.

How do you eat a pomegranate? Good question! We cut the pomegranate in half, then squeezed some of the seeds out and any that were remaining we scooped out.  You can suck the juice off each seed – or you can eat the seeds as well – I did! My daughter sat there sucking the juice off the seeds as her fun afternoon activity.

Now here is another bit of interesting information about the pomegranate – the juice is used to make grenadine – you know that red stuff that is used in many a cocktail? I have learnt something new today!


Anonymous said...

This is what I always do with my pomegranates

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