Monday, October 10, 2011

Vitamin Supplements - are they necessary?

Written by Kate Bullen, APD

My husband just sent me this link to an online article today, as he just knew that I would love it. This is an article about a journalist in the USA who fed himself 22 vitamin supplements, protein bars and psyllium each day for 5 months. So he used himself as a science experiment! He had a doctor check him before starting the experiment and again at the end. The only significant change was an increase in his Vitamin D - oh and he gained 5kg in weight!! I accept that this study is not a double blind placebo controlled study (the bees knees) but it does raise some very valid points about vitamin supplements - unless you have a real need for supplements, you may just be popping a pill and weeing it down the toilet. Which really just makes for expensive wee :)

And not forgetting that the vitamin industry is a multi-million dollar industry. I continue to be blown away by just how expensive supplements are.

I have written before about my thoughts on vitamin supplements, and while there are some genuine times that supplements can be very helpful (for example, if you are vegetarian, or pregnant, or breastfeeding, or have arthritis), many are just excessive and not needed. 

Some food for thought on this Monday evening!


Tiffany Youngren said...

Very helpful - encouraging not to pour money onto supplements. We try to "eat" or "drink" any supplements we feel would help. Thanks for the great post!

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